The Ultimate 16 Must Have Boat Accessories

Boating is a fun and exciting hobby that anyone can enjoy. Once you own a boat, you’ll want to start buying must have boat accessories to customize and improve your boating experience.

Today, we’ll discuss 16 different cool boat accessories that will make boating more fun, safer, and more exciting. From lighting to safety medkits, we have compiled a list of some of the best boating accessories.

1. Vbakor LED Strip Boat Lights

Vbakor Led Strip Lights Boat Lights

Give your boat a neon makeover with these bright LED strip lights from Vbakor. This strip light set is simple to install and can be used for various applications on any type of boat.

Inside the box, you receive 16 feet of RGB lighting. The lighting strip is waterproof and can be installed on the interior or exterior of your bike.

The LED bulbs are efficient and produce little heat during use, making them affordable and safe to run all night.

2. Okimyi Upgrade Boat Trash Bag

Okimyi Upgrate Boat Trash Bag

Spending all day on your boat, it can get messy. This collapsible mesh trash bag will help you keep your boat clean and free of clutter.

This bag has an upgraded design featuring a bottom zipper that makes it easy to empty after a long day on the lake or river. It’s also large enough to hold up to 30 empty cans and more trash.

You get 2 bags, 2 scuff erasers, and 3 cleaning cloths in this package that will clean and protect your boat.

3. Wow Big Bubba Towable Deck Seat

Wow World of Watersports Big Bubba

This inflatable seat will give you and your friends countless hours of fun while boating.

The WOW Big Bubba comes in several sizes and makes one of the best starter tubes for boat owners. It features secure seating that is safe and comfortable for children and adults.

We also like the towing system on this tube. The Big Bubba is well designed and is equipped with a heavy-duty PVC bladder, a foam seat, and knee pads. You should expect hours of fun and comfort on the Big Bubba towable deck seat.

4. Lucky Portable Fish Depth Finder

LUCKY Portable Fish Depth Finder

Are you looking for an edge while fishing? You’ll want to invest in a fish finder. This fish depth finder from Lucky is full of features and is portable.

Ideal for lake, river, or sea fishing, the Lucky Portable Fish Depth Finder can detect fish between 3 and 328ft deep. It also features a detailed display that shows plenty of information, including water depth, weed concentration, sand density, and underwater rock formations.

Since this device is small and handheld, you can use it on your boat, kayak, or canoe. There’s no need to buy a different fish depth finder for each vessel.

5. Coastal Alert Launcher Kit

Must Have Boat Accessory, Coastal Alert Launcher KIT

It’s always important to be safe and prepared while boating or sailing. Whether boating on the local lake or deep-sea fishing, you need to remember emergency equipment. A flare gun is one of these essential emergency tools.

The Coastal Alert Launcher Kit has everything you need from a flare gun. Included in the kit, you get the flare gun, several flares, an emergency whistle, and more.

If you’re planning a boating trip, make sure you don’t forget this essential boating accessory.

6. Atwood Floating Buoy Keychain

Attwood Floating Key Buoy, Must Have Boat Accessory

Dropping your keys into the water might be one of the most dreadful experiences for any boater. Before setting sail, you should invest in a floating keychain.

This floating buoy keychain from Atwood has a charming design and performs well. It is well crafted and features a heavy-duty keyring that won’t let your keys slip off. The buoy is also well built and should last for years.

What sets this buoy apart is the interior storage space. It’s perfect for money or other essentials.

7. I Go 85 Piece First Aid Kit

Mini Compact First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, and it’s better to be prepared than have to rush back to shore when someone is hurt. This first aid kit from I Go includes 85 pieces and comes in a sturdy waterproof hardshell case.

This essential preparedness kit has everything you need to care for minor injuries, including cuts, scrapes, and aches. Inside, all 85 pieces are well kept due to the organizational survival pouch that puts everything in the right place and gives you quick access to the items.

Small and lightweight, this kit can also be taken with you on the land while hiking or camping.

8. Everspout Telescopic Boat Hook

Telescopic Boat Hook

If you have trouble docking your boat, you’ll need a boat hook. Everspout has designed one of the best telescopic boat hooks on the market.

Available in 25ft, 13ft, or 9ft you have several options to choose from to help you safely control and dock any sized boat. The hook can also retrieve items from the water or help passengers back on.

Eversout designed this boat hook with galvanized steel that prevents rust and will last for years. It also has non-slip foam hand grips to make controlling your boat easier.

9. Safety Survival Whistle

Safety Survival Whistle

Equipping everyone on your boat with one of these safety survival whistles will ensure you and your passengers are always safe and secure.

This 2 pack of whistles include lanyards and clips that are to be attached to each passenger. This makes them safe and secure, even for children.

This whistle and clip are well built and will work great while swimming, hiking, camping, or sailing. We encourage any boat owner to keep a supply of these safe survival whistles on their boats.

10. Docktail Food and Cocktail Table

Marine Food & Cocktail Table

If you like to have fun on the open water, you need this food and cocktail table from Cocktail. This serving tray and cup holder fits most standard 1 ¼” pontoon rails.

The bar holds all your favorite cocktails and has slots for one 1.75 liters, two 2 liter, and two 1 liter cups. It also features a large rectangular surface, two knife holders, and two accessory slots.

We appreciate the sturdiness and durability of this table. It features stainless steel hardware and UV-resistant King Starboard that will look great for years.

11. Artemis 15L Floating Dry Bag

15L Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

While boating, you don’t want your precious gear and clothes to get wet. Artemis has designed this 15-liter floating dry bag to keep water outside and your stuff dry inside.

Available in green, grey, or yellow, this bag is stylish and will look great while boating or relaxing at the beach.

It also features an innovative design with internal pockets for your most valued items and a key clip to secure your keys. The bag seals well and has plenty of room for a day’s worth of clothes, towels, you name it.

12. Predator High-Performance Dock Lines

Hi-Performance Dock Lines Bag Set

While you can use generic ropes to tie and secure your boat, these high-performance ropes are built to last and outperform the competition.

The Predator High-Performance Dock lines are built from nylon and feature 24 strands. Compared to a traditional 6-strand rope, these are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

These bags are inexpensive and are thoughtful gifts for any boater or family member.

13. O’Neill Reactor USCG Life Vest

O'Neill Reactor USCG Life Vest

It’s imperative to have enough life jackets for everyone on your boat. We found the O’Neill Reactor USCG Life Vest to outperform the competition.

USCG approved, this life vest is ideal for all types of boating and watersports. Inside, there’s a foam core that allows for unrestricted movement.

This vest is easy to use and features quick-release safety buckles and zippers. It’s easy enough for your kids and teens to use while out on the water.

14. Racqua Water Shoes

Racqua Water Shoes

A good pair of water shoes can make days on the water safer and cleaner. We like these water shoes from Racqua because they offer a barefoot feel but are durable and will keep you safe from cuts and scrapes.

Once out of the water, these water shoes dry incredibly fast, making them perfect for heading to shore for lunch or while camping.

The soles are also well designed and are durable enough for light hiking or playing sports.

15. Barska Floatmaster Binoculars

BARSKA 10x30 WP Floatmaster Binoculars Must Have Boat Accessory

On the open water, you can see for miles. With these binoculars from Barska, you’ll be able to get a close-eye view of your boat.

These waterproof binoculars have a field of view of 262ft and a close focus of 32.8ft. These binoculars are exceptionally durable and feature a tough rubber exterior with fully coated optics.

16. Exzeit LED Boat Lights

Waterproof Led Boat Lights

Exzeit designed these LED boat lights to light up the night. This 2 piece set gives you 120 degrees of light that will help you safely navigate any sized boat at night.

Using only 12 volts of power, the LEDs are highly efficient and won’t drain the battery on your boat. The case is designed well and is entirely water-resistant. Exzeit reports a 98% waterproofing that will keep you safe during extreme weather.

If you want to stay safe in the open waters, these LED light bars are a wise investment that will let you see deep in the open waters at night.

Must Have Boat Accessories Wrap Up

We hope this comprehensive list of must have boat accessories, written by boaters for boaters, will help you enjoy your time on the water even more. Remember, some of these accessories could even save your life while boating. Be safe and happy boating!


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