How To Avoid A Boat Collision

A boat collision occurs when a boat or personal watercraft (PWC) collides with one another or collides with an object such as a rock, land, buoy or dock. Colliding with another boat should be avoided at all costs, and it’s the boat operators responsibility to ensure a collision does not occur.

Follow these steps to prevent a boat collision:

  1. Know and follow the rules of navigation for the waterway
  2. Keep a visual on navigational aids
  3. Do not boat in inclement weather, including fog
  4. On a busy day, dedicate one person to be a lookout for other boats
  5. Maintain a safe speed, depending on other boat traffic and weather
  6. Perform a 360 degree look before making a turn
  7. Keep a pair of binoculars on board
  8. Ensure your navigational lights are operable
  9. Never operator a boat while intoxicated or fatigued

By following these steps, will you keep your life, and the lives of those on board, safe. Happy boating!


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